Sunday, March 28, 2010

Hong Shao Shi Zi Tou (Braised Lion's Head)

Just came back from China tour 2 days ago. The journey from from Nanning to De Tian waterfall took about 5 hours by bus. The tour guide played a very interesting drama serial called shen yi xi lai le(means The Miracle Healer). In the drama, the male lead, whom is the Miracle Healer, liked to eat shi zi tou very much. That made me drool. I couldn't resist the temptation, hence I decided to take out my recipe and got ready all the ingredients. My family commeted that it was very delicious. I give myself a rating of 7/10 for this dish. Only one family member, my youngest son, who does not eat carrot, spring onion, water chestnuts, prawns and any type of seafood that is shelled, disliked it.

lean pork 450 g
bamboo shoot -20g (I used 4 water chestnuts)
tientsin cabbage 350g
chinese parseley - 1 stalk
spring onions-2 stalks
ham/chinese ham 20g
ginger-4 slices
1 egg

600 ml water or stock
salt 1 tsp
sugar 1 tsp
light soya sauce 1-2 tsp
oyster sauce 2 tsp
sesame oil 1 tsp

1tsp salt, fine sugar 1/2 tsp,light soya sauce 1tsp , pepper, 2 tablespoon corn flour

Method: 1. Mince the lean pork. Cut ham, bamboo shoot, spring onions, and cut into small pieces. Mix all the ingredients with the marinate and egg. Stir in one direction until the mixture becomes sticky and firm.
2. Divide into 6 portions. Roll into 6 balls.
3. Coat each ball with corn flour before deep-frying. Then deep fry until golden in colour.
4. Leaving 3 tablespoon of oil in the wok, fry ginger and cabbage for 1minute and dash 1 tablespoon of "Hua Teow" chinese wine, and pour in the gravy sauce. Lastly add in the meat balls.
5. Cover lid and simmer at low flame until the sauce become quite thick. (about one rice bowl left).
6. Transfer the meat balls onto a deep dish. Put in the steamer and steam for 1 hour.
7. Garnish with parsely and serve hot!


  1. Hi Veronica,

    I work as a journalst for the Epoch Times Germany and would like to use the top picture of your Shizitou for an article. Could you send me the original jpg file of the picture if possible? Thanks!

  2. I am very flattered. Unfortunately I am unable to find the original file. However, I will send you when I cook this dish soon. Keep in touch.