Saturday, January 24, 2015

Steamed Apam - 阿邦蛋糕

Are they huat kuih or kuih Apam?  They are the same thing. Malay calls it Kuih Apam, Chinese calls it fatt koh or huat kuih. .  I personally do not quite like the texture of this kuih , because it is quite sticky. However, they are still delicious and fragrant.

Recipe: source from Steamed Cake &  Kuih Muih

Ingredients A:
140 g rice flour
1 teaspoon instant yeast
200 ml thick coconut
115 g plain flour
1 teaspoon baking powder

Ingredients B:
150 g caster sugar
120 ml water
20 ml fresh  pandan juice (extracted from pandan leaves)

Pumpkin seeds

1)  Boil caster sugar, water and pandan juice in a pot until the sugar is dissolved, remove from heat, leave to cool and strain.

2) Add in ingredients A mix well thoroughly until no lumps and  smooth mixture. Leave and cover to rest or 1 hour.

3)  Lightly grease the small cups, spoon mixture till 3/4 full, top with some pumpkin seeds.  Steam for 15- 20 minutes over high heat.

4) When cool, remove cakes from the small cups (moulds), ready to serve.


  1. Hi,

    May i know how much plain flour to use? You wrote that 15 but did not mention 15 units of what of plain flour.

    Thank you. You have a really lovely recipe.

    1. Hi thank you for pointing out my typo error. I have rectified the recipe.