Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Fun with small sponge cakes

Hi dear friends how are you doing?  Are you enjoying your CNY?  I have been missing for quite sometime.   I have just waken up from hibernation. haha......hehe....

I had just made some beautiful steamed sponge cakes.  Please be patient, recipe will be posted later.

A few days before CNY, I went to the market to do my last errand. While passing by a Malay stall, I saw very colourful and cute steamed cakes on sale. Their designs were eye-catching, such as Angry Birds, lady bird, polka dots and many other patterns and cartoons characters...... I was really inspired by them.

I managed to get the similar recipe from here. Due to my handicap at drawing, I only could do simple patterns. With more inspiration and encouragement, I will try to do a master piece in my next attempt...

Thank you MamaFami and Hana for the recipe.


  1. So cute and colourful! Eagerly awaiting recipe :)

  2. Hello Veronica,

    Thank you for mentioning my blog. I really appreciate it very much.

    You are not handicap at drawing my dear. That is what we call ART! Hehehe... Mine was just plain cake with dots but yours, look how colorful they are. Bravo!

  3. These sponge cakes are very beautiful!