Friday, July 20, 2012

Thailand Pandan Cream Cake - 泰式香兰蛋糕

If I would have added in more green colouring, the cake should look more attractive.


Sponge Cake: ( you can make your own desired sponge cake)
A) 160g sugar
~~15g cake emulsifier
B)  5 eggs
~~ 120g plain flour
~~ 1 teaspoon baking powder
C)  40 ml water
D)  75g melted butter

1) Pour ingredients A into the mixing bowl and mix well.
2) Add ingredient B and beat till thick.
3) Stir in ingredients C
4) Beat the batter till light and fluffy.
5) Mix ingredient (D) till well blended.. Pour the mixture into a 10" round cakes mould. Bake at 180 degree C for 30 minutes.
6)  When the cake is cool, slice horizontally into 2 equal pieces.  Cut away the top and bottom crust.  Cut and trim the cake into 9" round cake. Leave aside for use later.

Pandan Cream:
80g castor sugar
7 pieces of gelatine leaves  (soak in tap water for a while, drain)
3 egg yolks
275g thick coconut milk (santan)
100ml fresh milk
50g pandan juice (extract from 6 pandan leaves)
300g whipped fresh cream
green colouring

1 no. 9" round cake ring or a 9" round springform  pan.

1)  Boil milk, coconut milk and sugar over medium heat till sugar dissolves.
2)  Add in soaked gelatine and continue boil till dissolve.
3)  Add in beaten egg yolks and pandan leaves till boil.  Take out and discard pandan leaves.
4)  Add in green colouring, leave to cool completely.
5)  Fold in whipped fresh cream, mix well.
6)  Place a piece of cake onto a springform cake pan, pour half of the pandan cream on top, then place the 2nd half of the sponge cake, and top with the remaining pandan cream.  
7)  Chill the cake in the fridge until the pandan cream is completely set. Cut into pieces, serve.


  1. This looks interesting and yummy! Why is it call Thaildand Pandan Cream Cake? Does it originate from Thailand?

  2. Never had this kind of cake before, sound interesting with the pandan layer.

  3. I was thinking of pandan kaya layer cake these few days. Your cake looks really good and creamy! I noticed you used 7 pieces of gelatine sheets for the pandan cream much in grams if I use gelatine powder?

  4. Very nice, I think I will like this cake very much. Your green coloring is just nice, it look creamy.

  5. 茵茵, I don't know whether it was originated from Thailand or not. It was the name of the recipe . i have not googled to find out.

  6. Hi Oh Bee Bee, The gelatine sheet I used is 2g per piece. I googled search 1 sheet= 1 teaspoon of gelatine powder; 3 sheets =1 tablespoon of gelatine powder. I am not sure if my weight is the same as I seen on google.

  7. Phong Hong, Thank you for your compliment. It is very creamy and fragrant.

  8. Sonia, This cake is very creamy, smooth and strong flavour of pandan.

  9. Hi Veronica, this pandan cake look delicious, very soft and creamy.yum yum

    Have a nice week ahead.

  10. Hello, I've just found this cool recipe of yours and the cake looks so delicious :3, I would like to have a try at baking this cake. But I have one question. The cream you used for making the pandan cream was whipping cream right? Then we need to whip it into stiff-peak before we fold it in with the other ingredients? And may I ask what cake emulsifier is? Thank you so much. I'll wait for your reply. :D

    1. Hi sorry for the late reply, and thank you for visiting my log. Yes , you need to whip up the cream before adding in. The cake emulsifier I used was ovalette. If you can't get ovalette, you may replace with SP. Hope to hear from you soon. Happy baking.