Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Hokkaido Chiffon Cupcake

Saw this chiffon cupcake from Sonia's blog. It is very easy to follow. I like that it is soft and light.

  Thank you Sonia for sharing this beautiful recipe.  Recipe click here


  1. Hi Veronica, love your chiffon cupcake, very cute.

    P/S Can I check with you the swiss roll design, mine when peel the greaseproof paper half the design stuck, that's why it become retarded. Yours come out so nicely, do you still need to grease the paper with some butter? Thanks.

  2. Oh, you are fast, Thanks for the link..And i noticed that you have very nice cupcake liners too..the same liner but with green pattern, look nice..

  3. Hi Amelia, the book says lightly grease it . i used parchment paper. it should be ok to grease the paper for easy management. Another possible reason is that your oven was not hot enough (190 degree is not always the same for all oven .You can try to adjust the temperature to 195 degree C instead 190. I suggest you to start with simple patterns first, like strawberry shapes and heart shapes. I had similar problem once that , I believed practice makes perfect.再接再厉。Happy baking.

  4. Hi Veronica, thank you for your information. Really appreciate it, I'll try again and set the temperature slightly higher.
    I'm too adventurous to go for the bear pattern, over confident, LOL Anyway at least I got something for you to laugh. Don't worry, I'm ok not a petty person.

    But anyway the texture of the cake was super cottony soft.
    Thanks for sharing, my dear friend.