Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Orange Sweet Potato And Yam Cake -

Recipe: Adapted from "Aromas of Kuih" by Amy Wong

Ingredients A ( Mixed and filtered):
100g     rice flour
80g       tapioca flour
40g       flour
200ml   coconut milk

Ingredients B:
180g      sugar
300ml     water
4 pieces   pandan leaves
1/4 teaspoon salt

Ingredients C:
250g orange sweet potato > steamed and mashed
150g shredded yam (steamed)

Ingredients D (Mixed and filtered)
120g   rice flour
15 g    sugar
250ml  water
200ml  coconut milk

Ingredients E:
150g    sugar
250ml   water
1/2 teaspoon salt

1)  Boil ingredients B and pour it into Ingredients A, stir well.  Add mashed sweet potato and mix till smooth.  Filter the mixture and boil over low heat, keep stirring all the time. Remove from heat when it is slightly thickened. Divide the mixture into two portions.

2)  Boil ingredients E and pour in ingredients D, stir well. Boil over low heat (Keep stirring all the time)  till slightly thickened.

3)  Lightly grease an 8" x 8" square baking mould/pan.  Pour a portion of  sweet potato mixture and steam for 18 minutes.

4)  Pour yam  mixture (I added purple colouring) and arrange shredded yam on top.  Steam for 18 minutes.

5)  Pour the remaining sweet potato mixture in and steam for another 20 minutes and cooked.

6) Leave it to cool, cut into pieces with a plastic knife, serve.

沾米粉        100克
木薯粉        80克
面粉           40克
椰浆           200毫升

白糖            180克
水                300克
香兰叶        4 片
盐                1/4 茶匙

橙色肉番薯  250克  (蒸熟后压烂)
芋头丝          150克 (蒸熟)

沾米粉          120克
玉米粉          15克
木薯粉          20克
椰浆              200毫升

白糖         150克
水             250毫升
盐             1/2 茶匙

1) 把材料B煮滚,冲入材料A拌匀。加入蕃薯泥搅拌至滑,过滤后煮至稍微浓稠,分成两    份。
2) 把材料E煮滚,冲入材料D拌匀,煮至稍微浓周稠。(随意可加上紫色)
3) 先将8寸方盘涂上少许油,倒入一份番薯粉浆(做法1),蒸18分钟。
4) 倒入紫色粉浆(做法2),然后放入芋头丝,蒸18分钟。
5) 倒入剩余的蕃薯粉粉浆,再蒸20分钟即可。
6)  待冷后,用朔胶刀切成块状。


  1. Hi Veronica, your kueh look delicious. Love the combo of yam and sweet potato.The color look nice too, wish I can have a bite as you know I'm a dessert person. LOL

    Have a nice day.

  2. This sound good and love the color. What type of yam you use? look really purple lor..

  3. Hi, Amelia, thank you for your kind compliment.

    Have a nice day.

  4. Hi Sonia, I used white yam. I just added a few drops of purple colouring for the colour effect.Lol.

    Have a nice day.

  5. Hi Veronica, I came across your blog when surfing around. Your kueh looks really delicious, my favourite type. You have alot of lovely dishes on your blog, which all looks great! Mich@www.pieceofcake.sg

  6. I know your kueh is very delicious! I must try to make it.

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  8. Hi Phong Hong, thanks for the compliment. Ya, you should give it a try if you are not scared of the high calorie intake.

  9. Hi Michele, thank you for the nice compliment and for reading my blog. If you are not scared of the high calorie, you should give it a try. Lol....

    Have a nice day.