Friday, December 28, 2012

Marmite Chicken - 妈蜜鸡

From infancy till now, my youngest son never liked to eat Marmite. I remembered when he was a toddler I fed him marmite mixed in porridge, he spitted out and used his hand to cover his mouth to show me he did not want to eat . As he grew older, I tried to give him the same thing, only for him to show me the same reaction. The reason given to me was Marmite does not smell appetizing. Well..   ... well until last week we had a dinner at K.Lumpur and ordered Marmite Chicken, out of my surprise he ate the Marmite chicken and  even commented that the chicken was good. ?????? I was stunned with my jaw dropped.

So today I got the chance to try on this Marmite Chicken recipe. His comment was," the chickens were fragrantly fried and the marmite is not overpowering, I like."



~  500 chicken, cut into pieces

~  1 teaspoon light soya sauce
~  1/2 teaspoon salt
~  1/2 teaspoon pepper
~  1 tablespoon corn flour

~  1 tablespoon Marmite yeast extract
~  1/2 tablespoon maltose
~  1/2  tablespoon honey
~  1/2 tablespoon light soya sauce
~  50 ml water

1) Mix chicken with seasoning for 1 hour.  Deep fry until cooked.  Dish and drain.
2) Leave one tablespoon of oil in wok, pour in sauce and cook at moderate heat until thick.  Put in fried  chicken and mix well. Serve .

500 克   鸡肉,切小块

1 小匙        生抽
1/2 小匙     盐
1/2 小匙    胡椒粉
1 大匙       黍粉

1 大匙      妈蜜酵母精华
1/2 大匙   麦牙糖
1/2 大匙   蜜糖
1/2 大匙   生抽
50 毫升  水
少许 胡椒粉



  1. Haha, I am like your son. I don't like marmite, but this chicken looks delicious, I might change my opinion!

  2. Your marmite chicken looks delicious! Marmite is very expensive in Australia so I used Vegemite instead and still taste good.