Saturday, December 29, 2012

A Foodie Encounter

I was window shopping at Empire Shopping Mall in KL when a distinctive hair style caught the corner of my eyes. Immediately it rang a bell in my memory. Isn't that... the blogger for QuayPo cooks? I ventured closer to take a better look and yes, I wouldn't be wrong, it is indeed Veronica from Quay Po cooks!

I was nervous because I have never met up with any food bloggers/followers before but it was just too coincidental. A warm and friendly smile she returned when I introduced myself. "Oh yes!!" she replied as her eyes lit up with happiness. I also felt honoured she remembers my humble blog. And the above, a picture for safekeeping, the euphoria felt when recognising a familiar place in a foreign land was almost like bumping into an idol.

Thank you Quay Po, for the sincere chat and your amiable smile. Hopefully in future, there will be more opportunities to bump into fellow food bloggers... ;)

(You can follow Veronica here)


  1. Veronica, too bad we did not have time to sit down for a cuppa. Next time, you come to KL, buzz me earlier. We shall make a date for lunch or tea so that we can chat some more. Also give me an apportunity to make some bakes to let you taste:D HUGS

  2. hehe just realise the url for Quay Po Cooks is incorrect. it should be
    Veronica, thanks for the shout out!

  3. Veronica, I am hoping to bump into Quay Po someday too hah! hah! It must have been so much fun :)

  4. Quay Po, Sure I will do that and I will be very glad.

    Wish you a good New Year 2013 ahead.

  5. Phong Hong, I am hoppping one day will bump into you too. If so, I will like u to cook for me the Mee Kedsah (Kedah Noodle). :)