Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Hakka "Yam Dumpling" - 客家芋仔粄

Hakka cuisine is not commonly found or heard of, that is why it is even more precious if you come across any e.g. Thunder Tea Rice, abacus seeds. This dish resembles abacus seeds, accompanied by an equally awesome chewy texture. The elder generation will love this dish.

Recipe: adapted from Famous Cuisine No. 75

Ingredients:( A)
500 yam , peeled and sliced
180 g - 200 g tapioca flour (木薯粉)
1 tablespoon corn oil
1 teaspoon salt

200 g minced meat
80 g mushroom (*about 4 mushrooms, soaked , drained and diced)
70 g preserved radish, diced (菜脯粒)
4 shallots (sliced)
150 ml water
2 tablespoon cooking oil

1 tablespoon oyster sauce
1 teaspoon dark soy sauce
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon chicken stock powder
1/2 teaspoon corn flour

2 tablespoon light soy sauce
2 table spoon fried shallot oil

Fried shallots flakes
Spring onion, diced
Red chilli, sliced

1)  Steam yam till cooked, mash while hot.

2)  Combine all the ingredients into a mixing bowl, beat the mixture till a soft and smooth dough is formed.
(or use hands to knead till a pliable dough is formed). Add little water if the dough is too dry.

3)  To prepare filling:  Heat cooking oil in a wok, saute shallot over low heat until fragrant. Add in diced preserved radish and toss for few minutes. Add in mushrooms and minced meat, stir-fry till the meat is almost cooked, then add in water and seasoning, stir-fry over low heat till the sauce is thickened. Dish up and leave to cool for later use.

4)  Divide yam dough into 25 g each, make a hole with finger and stuff  filling into the cavity. Seal up properly and shape into cylindrical.

5)  Boil yam dumpling in a pot of boiling water over medium heat until cooked.  Dish up and arrange them on a  plate.  Drip on sauce and sprinkle with garnishing.


  1. Veronica, I will definitely appreciate this dish. It looks delicious!

  2. Glad to have found this recipe. Ate this from a road-side stall. Love this good old Hakka dish.