Saturday, December 21, 2013

QQ Glutinous Rice Dumplings

Happy  DongZhi to all of you.

Tomorrow is Chinese Winter Solstice Festival or called  "DongZhi" (冬至)which symbolises reunion and a year older by eating the tang yuan.

The main ingredient for the tang yuan that you normally have is glutinous rice flour and water only, just combine and knead into a dough.  But this year I give it a change.  I add bean curd and fruit jam into glutinous rice flour .  Very curious and interested to know the result of the end products? So do I!.So I without any hesitation, gathered all the ingredients to start it off.

The texture of the tang yuan is very smooth and fine, and  bouncy. Nice, nice. I like.


You can make many colourful tan yuan from the natural colouring  of vegetable and fresh fruits. It is a good news for those people who do not like artificial colouring. The method is very easy, just combine the ingredients and knead into  a smooth and fine dough.  Divide into small portion, roll round, cook them in a pot of boiling water.  When they are afloat on the surface, dish up and serve with sweet soup or syrup water.

Strawberry tang yuan: 
 30 g glutinous rice flour
10 ~ 15 g bean curd ,( eg. unicurd brand)
20 g strawberry jam

Mango tang yuan:
30 g glutinous rice flour
10 ~ 20g bean curd
20 g mango jam

Pumpkin tang yuan:
30 g glutinous rice flour
25 ~30 g bean curd
25 g pumpkin puree
5 g fine sugar

Black sesame tang yuan:
30 g glutinous rice flour
30 ~ 40g bean curd
1/2 teaspoon black sesame paste (from supermart)

Green Tea tang yuan:
30 g glutinous rice flour
30 ~ 35 g bean curd
1/4 green tea powder (dissolved with 1/2 tsp hot water)

And many others, you can go and modify yourself.

Serve tang yuan in sweet soup.

I adapted the recipe from this book.


  1. Lovely tang yuan. Sure looks a lot of work and effort. Happy Dongzhi.

  2. Happy Dongzhi. Beancurd, is it the normal soft silky tofu? Very nice colours. This year I made 5 colours, 3 natural colouring 'sponsored' by my neighbour, hehehe!

  3. so cute your tang yuan!! Happy winter solstice!!