Friday, July 16, 2010

Aromatic Pumpkin kuih 咸香金瓜糕

Pumpkins contain large amount of anti-oxidants and beta-carotene. Anti-oxidants help to strengthen our immune system. Beta-carotene is converted to Vitamin A and helps reduce the risk of cancer and other diseases.

Pumpkins are also very low in fat and calories and high in potassium. They also possess a fair amount of Vitamin C and other nutrients, such as Niacin, Vitamin E, Calcium and Iron.

Pumpkins have a high water and low fat content and are obviously an ideal choice of snack.

It is simply delicious. It tasted as good as yam kuih. Just want to show my appreciation to someone who is generous enough to share her wonderful and healthy recipe - Madam Wong Sip Moi (author of Old-Fashioned Kuih Muih)

500g pumpkin (washed, skinned, grated)

420 g rice flour
50 g tapioca flour
2 eggs
1300 ml
150 g minced chicken meat (I used roast pork)
50 g dried shrimps (soaked)
2 mushrooms (soaked, diced)
100 g shallots (sliced)
3 tbsps cooking oil

Seasoning:1 tbsp.salt, 1 tbsp sugar,1 tbsp soy suce.1 tbsp oyster sauce,1 tbsp sesame oil, 1/2 tsp pepper
For garnishing:Some chinese coriander leaves, sliced red chillies, toasted white sesame seeds, fried shallots
Method:--1) combine ingredients (B ) together and strain.

--2) Heat up a wok with oil of ingredients (C). Saute shallots, dried shrimps, mushrooms and chicken meat. Add in grated pumpkin of ingredient (A), no.(1), sesoning. Cook till mixture thickens. Pour into a greased 9" square baking tin. Steam over medium heat for 30-35 minutes. Check if kuih is well-cooked.

--3) Garnish kuih and leave to cool for a couple of hours before serving.


  1. Your pumpkin kuih looks great. For 500g of pumpkin, is it before skinned or after skinned?
    Thanks in advance for your advice.

  2. Hi Emily, thank you for visiting my blog. The 500g of pumpkin is before skinned. In fact you can add more pumpkin if you like.