Sunday, October 31, 2010

A fishing trip

My girl friend, Catherine, invited me and another girl friend to go fishing on board in her husband 's boat... This is my first experience fishing on boat in the sea. With fine weather and the calmy sea water, it was really a good weather for fishing.

Look at our biggest prize of the day!

And here is the result of my own patience and luck!

A big fat ocean tilipia, fresh from the sea! I was overjoyed when I felt the weight on my fishing rod. When I finally reeled it up, I was so surprised that my hook had a big fish biting onto the bait.

Collection of our catches of the day:

I believe from fishing can tell a person's character whether he/she is a patient or an impatient person. One needs not only the skill of fishing, but also patience. Sometimes it takes hours to catch only one; if you are lucky enough you will catch many in a short time.
Thank Catherine for inviting us. I truly enjoyed the day out on the sea, from passing by nearby islands to buying fresh shrimps from a local kelong. In fact, later that night I was still feeling the wobble from side to side...

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