Sunday, December 26, 2010

Orange Sweet Potato Chiffon Cake

This chiffon cake almost became a flourless cake! I had forgotten to add in the flour into the egg mixture. After I had put the chiffon cake tin in the oven for few minute then I saw a bowl of flour on the table. Oh No! What a careless me! I quickly took out the chiffon cake tin from the hot oven and immediately poured the mixture into the mixing bowl and fold in the flour as fast as i could, then quickly poured the mixture back into the chiffon cake tin . and baked in the oven again. I was quite frustrated because I thought the cake would be a disaster and would end up in the rubbish bin. But outside of my expectations, the cake turned out to be soft and moist, and still in good shape. What a relief!

The recipe is adapted from my purple sweet potato chiffon cake. Recipe please click here.

1 comment:

  1. Wow....very nice chiffon! I still don't have the effort for trying out those chiffon leh...all the same old recipes I was baking now.
    Will give it a try vry soon...thanks for shring..:)