Saturday, June 11, 2011

Colourful cup kuih- 彩色小米糕

Take a look at my colourful creations. I think the many colours reflect the vibrancy of my kitchen and the beautiful stories that my recipes churn out.

For those who prefer a natural and healthy method to produce the colours, I will recommend the followings.

~ Red - red dragon fruit
~ Yellow/Orange - papaya
~ Brown - cocoa powder/ coffee powder
~ Green - pandan leaves / green tea powder

Simply extract the juice and mix together with your recipe.


~100 g caster sugar
~250 ml water
~ 2 pandan leaves

~ 120 g sago flour
~ 40 g rice flour
~1/4 teaspoon salt
~ 100 ml coconut milk (santan)
~ 200 ml water


~ 1) Boil (A) till sugar dissolves, discard pandan leaves and leave to cool.
~ 2) Place ingredients (B) into a mixing bowl, pour in ingredient (A) and stir well.
~ 3) Divide batter into 4 equal parts, add in your desire colours into each part.
~ 4) Steam small Chinese tea cups for 5 minutes.
~ 5) Pour batter into small tea cup, steam for 8 to 10 minutes.
~ 6) Allow the kuih to cool slightly before removing from the moulds.

Note: Kuih or Kueh (糕)is Malaysia and Indonesia Language. It means cake/pudding made of rice flour, tapioca flour, plain flour and many others with/without coconut.

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