Saturday, November 17, 2012

Durian Mousse Crepe

what do you do if you feel like eating crepe? Yet do not want to make your own pancakes?. The answer is - ready to eat crepe, by "Master Chef" . What I did was to prepare my own durian mousse and just spread on each layer of crepe and place one on top of the other to make layers. Later, I set them in the  fridge.  Simple and quick way to satisfy my craving.  Trust me, the durian mousse crepe tastes as good as the ones you get from the confectionery.


You need: 2 packets Master Chef Crepe and use sharp knife to cut 8" round
                 8" round loose bottom or spring-form baking pan


120 g  fresh durian puree
50 g sugar
4 sheets gelatin leaf or 40 g gelatine powder
4 tablespoon hot water
500 g fresh cream

1) In a small pot, cook the durian puree, keep stirring until just boiled.
2) Dissolve gelatine and sugar in hot water.
3) Add (1) into (2), mix well.
4) Whisk fresh cream till thick and fluffy, and add into durian mixture, mix till smooth.
5) Place one piece of crepe onto the cake pan  base, spread 3 to 4 tablespoons of durian mousse on top of the layer. Repeat the same till all done.
6) Chill in the fridge till well set.


Available at NTUC, Shop-n-Save, Sheng Shiong supermarket. 


  1. There's such a thing as ready made crepe? How convenient! This Durian Mousse Crepe is making my mouth twitch!

  2. Phong Hong, this is indeed a very convenient and faster way of making crepes. lol

  3. Woah!! Never knew about this can just grab & buy ready crepe, now so convinient. Thanks for sharing it with us :)