Saturday, December 10, 2011

D.I.Y Handy Pot Carrier

I wanted to post about my DIY pot carrier for very long time. However, I was held up because my profile pictures had gone missing. It is until today that I received help from my husband to retake the pictures. My DIY carrier is very useful, unique and presentable, handy and practical.
With this carrier, you will find ease and convenience at carrying your pot around very steadily. The ideal cloth for the carrier should be a thicker one, for it has to withstand a certain amount of heat (you would not want to be burnt by your piping hot food) as well as take the loading from your heavy hot of food! What better way to carry a pot of hot food?
The best thing about DIY is that you can customize your own carrier. It comes in 3 sizes to fit different pot - the largest fits a 5L pot; the medium is for 23cm/9” pot/container while the small one is for the 7” pot/container. Besides, you can also choose your favourite cloth and colours for different settings like picnic, gathering or potluck.

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