Monday, May 14, 2012

Steamed Small Bowl Rice Cake (Wan Kuih)- 碗糕

alternatively you can steam ingredients  (A) with ingredients (B) together



(A) 300g rice flour
~~ 1 tablespoon  wheat starch powder (澄面粉)
~~ 1200 ml water
~~ 4 tablespoon oil
~~ 1 teaspoon salt

(B) Topping:
2 dried Chinese mushrooms - soaked and cut into small cubes
40g minced meat  - diced
30g carrot - cut into small cubes.
2 tbsp preserved radish -diced (菜脯碎)
1/2 teaspoon garlic - diced

1/2 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
1 tsp sesame oil
1 tsp pepper
1.1/2 tsp oyster sauce or dark soy sauce

chilli, coriander leaves, spring onions and deep fried crispy shallots

1)  Combine and mix ingredients (A) in a big bowl or container, leave aside  for 4 hours. Drained.

2) Cook  (1) over slow heat, keep stirring until the batter becomes thick, remove away from heat. Spoon the batter into a greased 10" square mould or into small ramekins.  Steam for 30 minutes and until cooked.

3) Heat up2 tbsp oil in the wok , stir-fry garlic until fragrant, add in all ingredients (B).  Fry well for few minutes, add seasoning to taste,and dish up.

4) Remove rice cake from mould, and top with (3), and garnishing, serve.

Note: 1) Let ingredients (A) to rest for 4 hours, this will give the rice cake a  bouncy ( QQ) texture.

              2) When you are steaming  ingredients  (A) and  ingredients (B) together. You need to cook the flour mixture till lightly thicken then add in your ingredients B,  mix well. Then transfer to the steaming bowls or containers.


  1. It has been long time not having this cake. Yours look great! I like to go with chillies sauce :)

  2. Wah long time didn't have this wan kuih jor....miss it.

  3. Hi Vivian, I like to eat this rice cake since I was young. It brings back my memory to those younger days. It is really "hor jiak" (好吃)。

  4. アンゼエリン, Give it a try. Make it for breakfast or tea time.

  5. I love this! look so delicious!

  6. Hi 蚊子, Thank you for dropping by. It tastes good. Give it a try.

  7. Hi Veronica, I missed this kuih. Long time didn't eat liao. Yours look delicious and the texture is good.

  8. I was browsing other blogs and eventually came to your blog here. Oh, your kuih looks so beautiful and I am intrigue by the way that you done in a small individual ramekins.

  9. Hi Mei, thank you for your compliment and reading my blog. Give it a try.

  10. Look real good! Do you know of anywhere that sell Wan Kueh? Or are you selling?

    My parents love wan kueh but have not eaten them for a long time.

  11. Hi Carebear, thank you dropping by my blog. I am not very sure, may be you can try in Tiong Bahru Market (hawker centre above the wet market).

    Wish you a Happy New Year 2013 ahead.

  12. I'm a bit confused when you say soak ingredient A for 4hrs. What do you mean by soak?
    Ingredient A are all flour mixture, once you have mix them, how do you soak them?

  13. Hi Bryan, thank you for pointing out my error. it should have read 'Combine and mix well ingredients A and leave for 4 hours for later use.' I shall correct the recipe write up.

  14. Hi, need help. I added the fried ingredients to the drained flour mixture and pour into aluminium bowls to steam. But the top never got cooked - it was soft and mushy while the bottom already hardened. I steamed for 2 hours and more and still no improvement. May I know what did I do wrong? Am I supposed to cook the flour mixture (I am adopting the alternative method to steam A and B together) then add in the fried ingredients then steam again? I want to make this again so appreciate your help. Thanks

    1. Hi Love ToCookAndBake, Sorry for my late reply. Yes. You need to cook the flour mixture till lightly thickens (see step 2) , and add in the fried ingredients, mix and stir well. Then transfer to your aluminium bowls. I hope i have answered to your questuon. Hope to hear from you soon and let me know the outcome. Have a nice day.