Sunday, May 6, 2012

Deep Fried Sesame Seed Balls- (Jian-dui) 煎堆

This is another recipe for chewy sesame seed balls. This time I am using potato instead of pumpkin. You can refer to my older post " Chewy Pumpkin Sesame Seed Balls" recipe here, if you are interested.

Recipe: yields about 24 balls

~~ 75g water
~~ 60g sugar
~~ 150g cooked potato - mashed
~~130g glutinous rice flour
~~ 1/4 tsp vanilla essence (optional)
~~ 300g red bean paste
~~ Sesame seeds - for coating

1) Boil sugar and water in a saucepan till sugar dissolved, leave to cool.
2)  Mix mashed potato, glutinous rice flour, vanilla and water syrup together in a mixing bowl.
3) Beat at slow speed to form a smooth dough, scale in 15g each and red bean paste 15g each.
4)  Flatten the dough and wrap with filling, seal up and roll into round balls.
5) Spray water onto balls and roll over sesame seeds, roll the balls with your hands until each ball is properly coated with sesame seeds.
6)  Deep fry over medium heat, keep stirring occasionally for even colour. When the balls expand in size and golden brown, dish up and ready to serve.


  1. Hi Veronica,your sesame balls look really good. Love the filling. Yum yum

    Have a nice week ahead.

  2. very nice and golden brown jian dui you have done...:)

  3. Hello,

    I have been searching for a recipe for "Kong Sui Ban." Do you know how to make it? The online recipes are not authentic.



  4. Alayna, may I know what is "kong sui ban" in Chinese before I can help you to get the recipe.Thanks.