Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Radish Beef Soup 白萝卜牛筋汤

If you are planning to go Ipoh, I will recommend this place for a MUST-TRY famous dish at 文冬口@ 73,75 Jln Theatre (opposite junction with Jln Jubilee). Their signature dish is their white radish soup with beef. the taste is simply fantastic - you cannot find similar in Singapore.

Today I suddenly missed the taste so decided to try cooking by myself. See below for the result of a broth, only need 1 hour to prepare.

1 large radish (cut into portions the size u like)
800g beef brisket
50g ginger lightly mashed
1 pinch of crushed white pepper

1) Cook 2800ml of water, radish and beef tenderloin in pressure cooker. Cook for 40 mins. (Alternative: cook in slow cooker until meat is tender)

2) Add salt, pepper, light soya sauce to taste.

3) Serve hot with chinese parsley and spring onion.
Very simple to cook but deliciously tasty.

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