Thursday, May 5, 2011

Pumpkin Muffins

This is another cake make from pumpkin. Pumpkin is a healthy food and loaded with antioxidant, I would like to share with you this healthy recipe again.

Here goes the recipe.


100 g pumpkin puree (discard skin, deseed, steam till soft and mash into puree)
50 g brown sugar
50 g unsalted butter (let it soften at room temperature)
1 whole egg (lightly beaten)
100 g low protein flour
3 g baking powder
150 g pumpkin cubes (steam till just soft)
15 g white sesame seed


1) In a mixing bowl, beat unsalted butter and sugar till creamy and light.

2) Add pumpkin puree (cool) into butter mixture, beat well. Gradually add in eggs and beat till well blended.

3) Fold in sifted flour with baking powder, mix well. Add in pumpkin cubes and sesame seed.

4) Spoon mixture into muffin cups and bake at preheated oven at 170 degree for 25 minutes and until cook.

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