Friday, March 25, 2011

Mango Pudding 芒果布丁

I have not made mango pudding for a long time. This mango pudding is awesome. I purposely use big chunks of fresh mango as fillings so as to enhance the taste when you devour the pudding. Best serve chilled。

Recipe: (Makes 16)


24 g gelatine powder

100 g Carnation evaporated milk

110 g fine sugar

100 g whipping cream

225 g ice cubes

225 hot water

3 ripe mangoes (Half cut into cubes and half blend into puree)


~~1) Mix sugar and gelatine powder well.

~~2) Add boiling water to No.1, using a whisk to stir constantly until mixture dissolves. (OR you can boil them)

~~3) Add milk to No.2 . Stir well.

~~4) Then add whipping cream and stir till well mixed..

~~5) Add mango puree, Stir well.

~~6) Add mango cubes to the mixture. Mix well.

~~7) Add the small ice cubes into the mixture, gently stir with whisk till ice is all melted and mixture is smooth.

~~8) Pour into moulds and leave to set in refrigerator over night.