Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Summer Fruits Chiffon Cake

Paiseh (means embarrassing in Hockian)! I am still not very good at unmoulding the cake from the baking tin. Despite the appearance, the cake turned out to be Q soft and moist - a successful recipe.

Today I have a very weird idea by adding the canned summer fruits into my chiffon cake. Can you imagine what the taste will be like? You might say it will taste very fruity. No, no you will get disappointed. It tastes very very very plain and bland, and the tiny seeds of the fruits are so irritating once you accidentally bite in your mouth.

And you will wonder why i still want to post this blog here. Aiya! It is just because you could hardly buy this flavour chiffon cake from the bakery shop. hahahaha....It could be a very tasty chiffon cake if i change to other brand of canned summer fruits/fruits. Be patient, I will let you know the outcome. It is just an idea you can replace with your favourite fresh fruits. it definitely tastes better than the canned fruits.
~~ 80 g egg yolks
~~40 g caster sugar
~~80 cc corn oil
~~160 g plain flour
~~1/4 teaspoon salt
~~160 g summer fruits + syrup (blend into puree)
~~1 tablespoon strawberry emulco/paste
~~120 g egg white
~~60 g caster sugar
~~1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar
~ 1)Chiffon cake method
~ 2) Pour batter into a 20 cm chiffon cake mould. Bake at 160 - 170 degree for 50 minutes

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